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Jeliel Lingerie

Jeliel is a new gem in the lingerie world. It is designed for women who want to exude timeless seduction through their bodies, glowing with subtle confidence and elegance.
Stemming from the founders’ passion, the brand embodies a bold woman, a daydreamer who is always ready to take on new challenges.
Jeliel garments will hold a spell over the minds of the wearer - and not only - appearing as true pieces of jewellery that are just waiting to be discovered through layers of veiled transparency.


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Bright Angel

This collection touches the strings of love, sensuality and purity. Delicate garments are combined with white silk, which is enhanced by fine embroideries. Every woman will be enveloped in a pleasant feeling of eternity.


the Jeliel woman: Jeliel goddess

A #jeliellingerie is elegant, resourceful and versatile. She embodies the image of a woman who bravely seizes her opportunities and reflects it with striking charm. A lover of beauty in every form, she loves to travel and enjoy life’s little pleasures.



Jeliel garments are a pleasure to touch; they reveal a delicate finish infused with unmistakable tradition. The materials used always ensure high quality, and lend themselves to the creation of real handmade gems.

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