We believe in the importance of fine, luxurious underwear, as well as in the pleasure of wearing it and embrace the value of being women at any time of the day.
Uniquely defined by Italian quality, Jeliel garments exude femininity and boundless elegance. They are real gems for the body, which let their own light shine and are designed to help women express their personality without compromise.


created by women for women

Andreea and Ana Emilia are the women who conceived the Jeliel brand. Inseparable friends, they decided to combine their experiences to fulfil the dream of creating this unique brand together.
Behind Jeliel lies the great ambition to express their way of being women, elegant and daring, flaunting strikingly natural shapes.
Besides their friendship, Andreea and Ana Emilia share a great passion for fashion and the entertainment industry, an important bond that is reflected in the Jeliel brand, featuring a strong identity created by women for women.



Our lingerie preserves and celebrates Italian craftsmanship. All Jeliel underwear are Made in Italy, bringing together care and attention to detail to make your underwear unique. Jeliel products are a pleasure to touch; they reveal a delicate finish infused with unmistakable tradition.


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